• EAP 004

    Perform energy auditing from anywhere with eAuditPro!

  • Achieve compliance, improve operational efficiency

  • Budget conscious comprehensive, web-based energy auditing

  • Save time, track & manage assets, delegate tasks

Why Energy Auditing?
Energy Auditing is now mandated by major cities like Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Boston. New legal requirements and consensus standards demonstrate that energy audits are fast becoming common and expected practice for building managers and those intending to buy, sell or lease real estate. Failure to address compliance measures will delay permitting and lead to delays in permitted improvements, increased costs and tenant move in/confidence.

Why eAuditPro?
eAuditPro is ‘do it yourself energy auditing’, enabling you to become the expert. Meet compliance standards, improve operational efficiency with our turnkey building and auditing tool developed by building code and building energy professionals to help you achieve code compliance and improve return on investment. eAuditPro allows owners, operators and potential buyers of buildings to track energy use in a single building or a portfolio of buildings.