What is an ASHRAE Level 1 anyway?

ASHRAE Audits are building systems and energy reporting standards created by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). An ASHRAE Level 1 Audit catalogues building characteristics, systems, system conditions, energy usage, and recommends maintenance and conservation measures. In essence it is a diagnostic report of a building and the opportunities that lie within.

Energy reporting and auditing are an important part of progressive green companies and municipalities energy savings plans. Additionally, legislation requiring energy audits are gaining popularity – most notably, New York and San Francisco have passed codes requiring ASHRAE Audits for commercial buildings.

For addditional information: ASHRAE resourse site

What benefit can eAuditPro provide me?

Simplicity: eAuditPro simplifies and standardizes ASHRAE reporting requirements saving you time and money. Security: All your ASHRAE Level 1 reports will be stored online in secure, backed up servers. Collaboration: eAuditPro also helps project teams by allowing multiple users access to the entire account or only the areas they need and allows concurrent editing. Savings: LEED Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance certification requires Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1: Energy Efficiency – Best Management Practices. You now can perform the required ASHRAE audit for a fraction of the price a consultant would charge.

Can't I just get a consultant to do this?

Absolutely! eAuditPro is designed to give you the ability to self-perform, perform with assistance, or assign completely the job of energy auditing. eAuditPro gives you the ability to decide what’s best for you and your budget.

Another great benefit for portfolios with multiple properties is that you can use eAuditPro as a common platform and hire different consultants located near each building, yet still have consistent, comprehensive reports around the globe.

I've never done and energy audit before. Am I even going to be able to do it?

With our simple instructions and examples, you will be able to fill out each field with the expertise of a seasoned engineer

Is help available if I get stuck?

YES! If our printable document of instructions and examples is not sufficient, we have connections to dozens of professional auditors who can help you for very reasonable fees. You can pick someone or we can refer you, it’s your choice because you are in control.

My company won't let me install software, so how do I use it?

There is no downloading of any software! eAuditPro is a live, web based program that may be accessed from any computer using a secure password.

Do I have to download anything?

You can download our instruction guide, but you are also free to view that online.
There are no required downloads of any kind.

After I put in all the information, how long before I get a report?

Reports can be generated instantly. There is no waiting and no tedious report writing and formatting. Let us do the work for you!

Can I use the report for LEED?

Yes. eAuditPro also helps project teams attempting to earn LEED Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance (O&M) certification, specifically, Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1: Energy Efficiency – Best Management Practices. eAuditPro can also help you begin to achieve ASHRAE Level 2, which corresponds to LEED EB O&M, Energy & Atmosphere Credit 2.1: Existing Building Commissioning – Investigation & Analysis.

I'm a contractor and I don't want to have your logo on my report. Can I change that?

eAuditPro is “White Labeled” for use with any logo. Upload your logo and when your client logs into eAuditPro (if you decide to give them that ability), Your Project and Your Logo – not ours – will appear online and in the final report for a personalized and professional touch. It will appear that this is YOUR Company’s system.

How will I know if it's been completed correctly?

Our navigation bar icons change from a dot to a check when data have been entered and our system also keeps track of the required data fields and gives you a percentage of how complete your report is. You can view this from the main screen.

I don't really know what I'm looking for when it comes to energy conservation. Does eAuditPro help find opportunities?

ECM Finder™ (coming soon) helps step you through the process of finding opportunities for Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and gives you examples. We’re confident that you will discover just how easy it is to use ECM Finder™ and drive down your operational costs and generate a meaningful energy audit.

Alternatively, we have connections to dozens of professional auditors who can help you for very reasonable fees. You can pick someone or we can refer you, it’s your choice because you are in control.

My city requires an audit to be done every few years. Do I have to buy a new license and start over each time?

Licenses for eAuditPro and ECM Finder™ (coming soon) are purchased on a per use basis because many buildings only go through the Energy Audit process once. However, your project information is saved on our secure servers and is not deleted, giving you the option to sign up for our eAuditPro Annual Subscription. In this option, you pay the small monthly fee of $8.33 a month and in return, you receive continuous use of eAuditPro and ECM Finder™ for that address to update your building’s data, help you save money, and print an updated audit at any time as long as your account remains in good standing. Let’s assume you are required to audit your building every year, that’s under $100 for each Annual Audit!